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Similar to: FOOT ROCKER   SWING MASTER and something which starts with a C

Only $139.00 U.S. + shipping

Our amazing complete package offers one of the best body rocking systems on the market today. This unique system combines the OXYFLOW rocking machine with the OXYMATE swivel seat for maximum movement of the entire body. You won’t believe how great you will feel after using this system for the first time. A 15 minute session is equal to a 45 minute walk. You will feel revitalized and refreshed as if you just had an intense massage. 



 There are other brand named machines that we are aware of at this time on the market, which we can not give the names of because we have been contacted by one of them and warned against using their trade marked name in any of our advertising. We can however use the word Chi(energy) to describe the effects of our Machine. All of these devices are sold as stand alone units. This would be the same as the OXYFLOW machine by itself.  We offer a complete system which enhances the movement of the entire body,  unlike the stand alone units of other companies.  

Our price is way below theirs  and you are getting more.  The Suggested Retail prices for stand alone machines range from $249.00U.S. up to $499.00 U.S.  Our price is only $139.00U.S. for our entire system.  Read on and you will come up with the same decision we did before making our choice as to which one to buy.   



Lie down on the floor.  Place the OXYMATE swivel disk on the floor with the cushion pad positioned under your buttocks (see picture above). You may want to place a pillow under your lower back and head for additional comfort. Now place your ankles on the OXYFLOW ( you may want to put a piece of foam under your ankles for extra comfort or perhaps a small towel).  Once you are in position, you simply turn the timer on (up to 15 minutes) and your body will rock back and forth. You will quickly discover that the OXYMATE lifts your lower back and buttocks off the floor so that your midsection and upper thighs can move easily from side to side.  Motion is then able to be carried up to your mid section and into the upper parts of your body.   Allow the continuous motion to just take you into a back and forth flowing motion and enjoy. After the machine stops, feel the chi (energy) moving in your body for a few minutes before getting up. 




Our complete package contains: one OXYFLOW unit with a 15 minute timer (one year warranty), one OXYMATE 12" diameter disk with cushion (90 day warranty), and the Energy Boost Video. We are proud to be able to offer this package at an incredible price. We know you will love it….

All this for the incredible low price of just $139.00U.S.+ shipping   or 

$199.00 Cdn for Canadians + shipping.

( Purchase six or more packages and pay only $119.00U.S. per package + shipping.  Our prices are rock bottom and this is the best wholesale price we can give you.)



To Order :

$139.00U.S. + $25.00 Shipping to U.S.A.  

Canadian Orders: $199.00 CAD, Plus $20.00 Shipping

 Add GST/HST  and Ontario Residents add PST

We do not accept Credit Cards at this time.

Send a Cheque, or U.S. Money Order to:

236 Emery St. E.
London, ON  N6C 2E2

Make sure you include your phone number with your order.

We can not ship to Post Office Boxes